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Monday, March 27, 2017

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03-17-2017 - Perceived Lack of Action Provokes Correctional Officers' Union
03-17-2017 - Legislators, DOJ, and Police Backing Drug Law Reforms
03-17-2017 - New Bills Seek to Help Those Owed Child Support, Prevent Double-Dipping
03-10-2017 - Group's Work Shapes Delaware's Budget
03-10-2017 - Delaware Hunters to be Pretty in Pink?
03-10-2017 - Candid Conversation at Community Budget Meetings
02-10-2017 - Hostage Incident Fallout Continues
02-10-2017 - Rollout of Medical Marijuana Law Continues Six Years After Enactment
02-03-2017 - 12 Lawmakers Begin Writing State Budget
02-03-2017 - OPINION VIDEO Repositioning Delaware's Economy, Creating Jobs
02-03-2017 - Correctional Officer's Death During Hostage Incident Reignites Debate
01-27-2017 - Delaware National Guard to Get New Leader
01-27-2017 - Conservative Advocacy Group Rates Delaware Legislators' Voting Records
01-27-2017 - Citizens to be Solicited for Ideas to Deal with Budget Challenges
01-27-2017 - State Lawmakers Pass Measure Rejecting Compensation Commission Salary Report
01-20-2017 - More Open Crimes Could be Closed Under Bill
01-20-2017 - Carney Promises Plan Addressing Budget Crisis
01-18-2017 - Delaware's Economic Development Efforts Under Review
01-13-2017 - Airbows, Ethanol-Free Gasoline, and Game Meat Donations on Sportsmen's Caucus Agenda
01-13-2017 - Republican Leaders React to Proposed $4.128 Billion State Operating Budget
01-13-2017 - Proposal Seeks to Curtail Illegal Activity at Massage Parlors
01-13-2017 - House, Senate Lawmakers Call to Reject Compensation Commission Salary Report
01-06-2017 - Legislative Leaders Call for Rejecting Pay Hikes
01-06-2017 - Lawmakers Recognize Efforts to Protect Domestic Violence Witnesses, Victims
01-06-2017 - Bills Await Attention of Returning Legislators
02-04-2015 - Short, Citizens Discuss State Spending, Decriminalizing Marijuana
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