11-08-2018 - Danny Short Appears on CNN with U.S. Senator Chris Coons, Demonstrates Return Day Spirit

Danny Short Appears on CNN with U.S. Senator Chris Coons, Demonstrates Return Day Spirit

11-07-2018 - House Republicans Select Leadership for 150th General Assembly

The 15 members of the DE House Republican Caucus have selected their leaders for the 150th G.A.

09-21-2018 - State's Financial Good Fortune Continues

State revenue projected to grow an additional $39.6M over the next two fiscal years.

09-21-2018 - New Laws Intended to Protect Delaware's Coastal Waters, Economy

New laws bar drilling in Delaware's coastal waters and oppose federal lease plans.

09-21-2018 - New Era for Port of Wilmington Dawns with Agreement

Officials on Tuesday (9/18) finalized an agreement to lease the Port of Wilmington.

09-17-2018 - State Revenue Forecast, September 2018

DE Economic and Financial Advisory Council state revenue projection.

09-07-2018 - McNesby Act to Improve Wages of those Helping State's Most Vulnerable Citizens

A new state law will result in better pay for those working with vulnerable Delawareans.

09-07-2018 - New Law to Help Raise Funds for Worthy Causes

A new state law should increase private funding for multiple laudable causes.

09-07-2018 - Delaware Turns Teal to Raise Awareness

Teal ribbons popping up throughout Delaware are promoting awareness of a "silent killer" of women.

09-07-2018 - New Initiative Will Help High-Needs Schools Attract Teachers

New Delaware law provides financial incentives to educators who choose to teach in high-needs areas.

08-30-2018 - Clearing the Way for Growing a Banned Crop

A new law will soon allow Delaware farmers to engage in the cultivation of industrial hemp.

08-30-2018 - Expanding the Use of Medical Marijuana

New law broadens the scope of conditions eligible to be treated with legal cannabis.

08-30-2018 - Homeowner Tax Breaks Among New Laws

Two expanded, new tax credits will help some Delaware homeowners.

08-30-2018 - New Law Could Lead to Lower Drug Prices

New law removes gag on pharmacists, allowing them to provide consumers with info. on drug costs.

08-30-2018 - Legislation to Expunge Records for Marijuana Convictions Signed Into Law

New law could clear the slate for those convicted prior to decriminalization.

08-17-2018 - Plan to Lease State Forestland for Private Deer Hunting Dropped

A plan to lease public Sussex County forestland to groups of private hunters has been scrapped.

08-17-2018 - New Laws Give Delaware Deer Hunters Expanded Options

Delaware deer hunters will have some new options this year.

08-17-2018 - Deer Present Ongoing Challenges for Delaware

Deer in Delaware have been fruitful -- often to the detriment of farmers, motorists, and hikers.

08-10-2018 - New Contracts Promise Improved Services, Job Creation, Without Tax Dollar Risk

Using private funding to spur economic development initiatives and improved social services.

08-10-2018 - Future Commissioning of the USS Delaware Celebrated

State, federal, and U.S. Navy officials gathered recently to celebrate the new USS Delaware.

08-10-2018 - Marking a Milestone Preserving Farmland, Improving the Environment

A program that has preserved farmland and the natural environment marks its 25th year.

08-04-2018 - Proposed Transgender Student Regulation Dead

A controversial proposal to carve out rights for transgender public school students appears dead.

08-04-2018 - Delaware Joins National Debate Over 3D Printable Guns

The national debate over 3D printable firearms comes to Delaware.

08-04-2018 - Report, State Legislator Make Recommendations for Improving Delaware's Substance Abuse Response

A Johns Hopkins research team makes recommendations to strengthen state's opioid epidemic response.

07-28-2018 - Vehicle Tags Celebrate State Fair's 100th Anniversary

New law authorizes limited edition State Fair license plate.

07-28-2018 - Looking Back on the 149th General Assembly - Part II

Next installment in a series looking at the fate of bills at the end of the legislative session.

07-28-2018 - Expanding Access to Broadband Downstate

The importance of, and improving access to, affordable internet broadband downstate.

07-20-2018 - Report Notes Progress in Fixing Prison System Woes

Steps taken to move past last year’s deadly prison riot at the Vaughn Correctional Center.

07-20-2018 - Honoring Women's Military Service

New Delaware license plate honors the service of theh state's military women.

07-20-2018 - Rehearing Granted on Dispute Impacting Electricity Bills

Fed officials are reconsidering who will pay for a divisive $278M power grid improvement project.

07-17-2018 - Final Report on Implementing Recommendations to Improve Vaughn Correctional Center

as stated in title

07-13-2018 - Delaware Produce Week Seeks to Link Farmers with Local Residents

Encouraging Delawareans to "buy local" and "eat local" for better taste, nutrition, and economy.

07-13-2018 - Looking Back on the 149th General Assembly - Part I

First part of a series exploring the fate of interesting bills from the 149th General Assembly.

07-13-2018 - General Assembly Ends Session with Mix of Controversy, Disappointment, Accomplishment

Session ends in dispute; good government reform bills left undone.

06-29-2018 - General Assembly's 2018 Legislative Action Wraps this Weekend

As the 149th General Assembly ends its traditional legislative session, much remains to be done.

06-29-2018 - $4.27 Billion State Operating Budget Enacted

Governor John Carney signed the state operating budget for the new fiscal year that begins Sunday.

06-29-2018 - Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Defeated in House

A bill seeking to make Delaware the 9th state to legalize recreational marijuana is defeated.

06-23-2018 - House Getting a Makeover in 2019

The DE House of Representatives will look very different in 2019.

06-23-2018 - State Workers, Teachers to Get 12-Weeks of Paid Parental Leave

Delaware teachers, state workers to get the most generous parental leave benefit in the nation.

06-23-2018 - Bill to Improve School Security Heads to Senate

Legislation to help public schools pay for upgraded security cleared the House of Reps this week.

06-23-2018 - Delaware Becomes the First State in the Nation to Ban Marriage for Those Under 18

A new law prohibits marriage for anyone under the age 18, regardless of circumstances.

06-23-2018 - Bill Seeking to Ban Specific Semi-Automatic Firearms Dies in Senate

A bill to bar certain types of semi-automatic firearms in Delaware is dead.

06-23-2018 - Controversial Voting Bills Pushed Through House

Two contentious bills seek to make fundamental changes to Delaware's voting laws.

06-18-2018 - Revenue Forecasts Increase, House Republican Leaders Advocate for Full Grants-in-Aid Funding

With state revenuses up, House Republican leaders are calling for more aid to community non-profits.

06-15-2018 - PHOTO BRIEF: New Law Reins-in Aerial Snooping

A new state law seeks to protect Delawareans from being harassed by people using aerial drones.

06-15-2018 - NEWS: New Law to Ban Bump Stocks, Trigger Cranks

A bill to ban the sale and possession of "bump stocks" and "trigger cranks" is now law.

06-15-2018 - NEWS: Bill Seeks to Grant Paid Parental Leave to State, Public School Employees

Bill would give 12 weeks of paid parental leave state and public school employees.

06-15-2018 - NEWS: Senate Could Act Tuesday on Bill to Ban Targeted Semi-Automatic Firearms

Bill to ban the manufacture, sale, transport, and transfer of "assault weapons" to be acted on.

06-11-2018 - Bill Would Safeguard the Right of Parents to Raise their Children

A new measure pending action in the legislature seeks to assert the rights of Delaware parents.

06-08-2018 - Bill Seeking to Ban Specific Semi-Automatic Firearms Fails to Clear Senate Committee

A bill to ban the manufacture, sale, transport, and transfer of "assault weapons" has failed.

06-08-2018 - Controversial Bill Heading to Governor Seeks to Ban Conversion Therapy

The House of Representatives has passed a bill prohibit the use of "conversion therapy" on minors.

06-08-2018 - Delaware ERA Halfway to Ratification

The Delaware Equal Rights Amendment has completed the first leg of its journey to becoming law.

06-08-2018 - Wine Home Shipping Bill Clears House, Heads to Senate

A bill seeking to allow wineries to ship their product directly to Delawareans has cleared a hurdle.

06-01-2018 - More than 127,000 Acres of Delaware Farmland Permanently Preserved

Delaware's Agricultural Lands Preservation Program hit a new milestone this week.

06-01-2018 - Delaware Sports Betting Launches Tuesday

Full-scale sports betting at all three Delaware racinos will launch on Tuesday.

06-01-2018 - New Law May Reduce DUIs, Place Businesses on Equal Footing

It is hoped a new law will modestly reduce drinking and driving on Delaware's roadways.

06-01-2018 - Revised Transgender Student Regulation Surfaces

A revised version of a controversial rule seeking to protect transgender students has been filed.

05-25-2018 - Social Media Campaign Aims to Protect First-Responders, Highway Workers

Citizens are being urged to help first-responders and highway workers promote a law intended to help

05-25-2018 - "Rainy Day" Fund Remains a Mystery to Many

The Rainy Day Fund is misunderstood, unused, and in need of reform.

05-25-2018 - New Law Intended to Spark Start-up Innovation, Investment

The Angel Investor Job Creation and Innovation Act signed into law.

05-25-2018 - State Revenue Makes Dramatic Turnaround

Revenue up sharply from a year ago.



03-28-2018 - State Rep. Bobby Outten Will Not Seek Return to Office

State Rep. Bobby Outten, R-Harrington, announced today that he will not seek another term on office.

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