06-18-2020 - Mailing It In: House of Representatives Passes Contested Voting Bill

House passes bill to allow widespread mail-in voting.

05-28-2020 - COVID-19 Guidance for Charter Boat Fishing

see above

05-19-2020 - 15 Republicans Pen Letter to Governor Asking for COVID-19 Response Changes

15 Republicans Pen Letter to Governor Asking for COVID-19 Response Changes

05-19-2020 - Delaware Hotel & Lodging Association Letter to the Governor

The DHLA urges the governor to remove restrictions on short-term lodging.

05-16-2020 - Letter Signed by More than 170 Clergy Sent to Governor

Letter urges modestly lifting restrictions to allow services in places of worship.

05-14-2020 - Legislative Hall Cupola Lighting Schedule

The Leg Halll cupola will display the school colors of every DE high school to honor Class of 2020.

04-30-2020 - House Republicans Urge a Responsible Restart of Delaware's Ecomony

A letter sent to Gov. John Carney urging state economic restrictions be eased.

04-17-2020 - State Lawmakers Ask Feds for COVID-19 Relief Fund Flexibility

Letter to Delaware's congressional delegation on making federal relief money easier to appropriate.

04-17-2020 - House Republicans Urge Governor to Use Bipartisan Legislative Expertise

House Republican leaders asked the governor to bring legislators into emergency decision process.

04-13-2020 - Delaware Sportsmen's Caucus Urges Governor to Act

Governor urges to take steps to facilitate fishing and shooting sports during State of Emergency.

02-25-2020 - Innovative Proposal Seeks to End Partisan Gerrymandering

Bill would reform flawed system Delaware uses to redraw legislative districts every 10 years.

01-31-2020 - State Spending Plans Proposed

Governor John Carney unveils his FY 2021 recommended state operating and capital budgets.

01-31-2020 - Bill Guards Against Threat Posed by Fake Airbags

A bill intended to protect motorists from unsafe airbags is on its way to the Senate.

01-31-2020 - Bill Seeks to Reinstate, Streamline Delaware's Capital Punishment Statute

Reinstating a streamlined version of DE's capital punishment statute is the goal of a new bill.

01-24-2020 - Republican Leaders React to Governor's Address

Reps. D. Short & Tim Dukes provide their perspective on the 2020 State of the State.

01-24-2020 - Bill Seeks to Increase Number of Primary Care Practitioners in Delaware

Bill Seeks to Increase Number of Primary Care Practitioners in Delaware

01-24-2020 - Bill to Protect Health Care Workers Clears House

HB 144 would expand scope of assault offense to protect more health care workers.


12-13-2019 - Delawareans Among Minority of Americans Barred from Having Wine Shipped to their Homes

DE is one of only 5 states prohibiting residents from having wine shipped directly to their homes.

12-13-2019 - VIDEO Blocked Bills Seek Greater Disclosure from Candidates, Lawmakers

Two proposals seeking to make candidates and lawmakers more responsible for their actions.

12-03-2019 - Disclosure Bills Continue to be Blocked in Legislature

Two bills seeking to make candidates and lawmakers more responsible have a history of being killed.

11-07-2019 - Action Needed by All to Begin Reforms

Opinion column detailing reforms to make the legislature more responsible and transparent.

08-01-2019 - New Law Will Lead to More Delaware Nurses

A new law should bolster the number of nurses practicing in The First State.

08-01-2019 - Stiffer Penalties for Illegal Dumping Enacted

A new measure cracking down on illegal dumpers is now law.

08-01-2019 - New Initiative Will Improve State's Competitiveness

A new law aims to fast-track road improvements to support job-creating projects in Delaware.

08-01-2019 - Lawmakers Exploring Education Funding in Shadow of Lawsuit

As a lawsuit looms, the House Education Committee is exploring how public education is funded in DE.

07-25-2019 - 072519 Nanticoke River Tour Highlights Benefits, Promise, and Challenges

State officials tour the Nanticoke River to highlight it potential and challenges.

06-30-2019 - Department of Health and Social Services to be Reorganized

One of the state's largest agencies could be in line for a makeover.

06-30-2019 - Bills to Curtail Illegal Dumping, Littering Gain Traction

Two bills that moved through the House last week may help reduce illegal dumping and littering.

06-30-2019 - Committing Delaware to the Affordable Care Act

House Democrats double-down on the Affordable Care Act.

06-30-2019 - General Assembly to Continue Working into the Wee Hours

Bill to stop the legislature's flawed practice of working late on session's last night is blocked.

06-24-2019 - $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Delayed but Still in Play

Bill to radically raise the minimum wage is far from dead.

06-24-2019 - State Revenues Rise, Republican Lawmakers Advocate Saving, Reform

Revenue forecast rise and GOP lawmakers urge reforms before the good times end.

06-24-2019 - New State Operating Budget Clears House, Other "Money Bills" Await Action

The Delaware House of Representatives unanimously approved a $4.451 billion state operating budget.

06-24-2019 - Dwindling Firefighter Ranks Spark Concern

Delaware relies on volunteer firefighters, but their numbers are falling.

06-24-2019 - VIDEO/NEWS BRIEF Reforming a Law Preventing Job Creation, Economic Development

State law forbids one owner from operating any more than three brew-pubs in Delaware.

06-14-2019 - NEWS -OPINION DOJ Drops Action in Prison Riot Murder Case

Lawmakers express disappoinment on DOJ decision in Lt. Floyd murder case.

06-14-2019 - Bill Seeks to Ease Burden on Delaware's Small Businesses

Bill would require state agencies to assess the costs of their regulations on small businesses.

06-14-2019 - NEWS BRIEF Bill to Allow School Tax Hikes without Referendums Fails

see title

06-14-2019 - NEWS BRIEF Nursing Scholarship to be Expanded Under Pending Law

Law would broaden nursing scholarship eligibility criteria to include non-profits.

06-14-2019 - OPINION: Under-the-Radar Initiative Could Result in Higher Gasoline Prices

Delaware intends is taking part in a regional cap-and-trade CO2 reduction program aimed at vehicles.

06-09-2019 - Bill Mandating Firearm Storage Changes to Become Law

A controversial proposal is expanding the scope of an existing gun storage statute.

06-09-2019 - Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Moves Forward, Somewhat

Bill seeks to make Delaware 11th state in the nation with legalized recreational pot.

06-09-2019 - Water Bill Released from Committee, but Faces Criticism and an Uncertain Future

Provocative bill seeking to redefine how water projects are selected and financed in Delaware.

06-09-2019 - NEWS BRIEFS: Plastic Bag Ban and Doubling Fines for Littering

New law bans plastic shopping bags; proposal would double littering fines.

05-17-2019 - Bill Seeks to Protect Public, Hold the Worst Offenders Accountable

Bipartisan bill seeks to reinstate capital punishment in Delaware.

05-17-2019 - Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Back for a Return Engagement

New bill seeks to legalize recreational marijuana in Delaware.

05-17-2019 - Plastic Bag Ban Passes House

Bill passes State House to largely ban disposable plastic shopping bags.

05-17-2019 - Bill to Increase Transparency of Transportation Spending Clears Hurdle

Good government bill passes State House on unanimous vote.

05-02-2019 - Amendment Seeks to Safeguard the Rights of Parents

Affirming the rights of Delaware parents is the goal of a newly proposed constitutional amendment.

04-19-2019 - Republican Lawmakers Propose, Support “Good Government” Package

Bills aimed at improving the transparency, efficiency, and accountability of state government.

04-15-2019 - Three Controversial Gun Bills Introduced

Three new gun control measures were recently introduced that are sure to spark controversy.

04-12-2019 - Minimum Age to Buy Cigarettes, Vaping Products Soon to be 21

New law will raise Delaware's legal age for purchasing tobacco and vaping products.

04-12-2019 - Bill Watch for April 12 2019

Briefs on noteworthy legislation moving through the General Assembly.

03-29-2019 - Bill Mandating Firearm Storage Heads to Senate

The House of Representatives has sent a controversial gun bill to the Senate.

03-29-2019 - Governor's Signature Makes Delaware Part National Popular Vote Compact

Delaware is now part of the National Popular Vote Compact.

03-29-2019 - BILL WATCH - Bill Seeks to Punish Motorists Illegally Passing School Buses

Noteworthy bills moving through the General Assembly.

03-25-2019 - BILL WATCH for March 25, 2019

"Gun storage bill" on the House Agenda for Tuesday, March 26th.

03-25-2019 - NEWS BRIEF: State Revenue Estimates Continue to Trend Up

The state's latest revenue estimates give budget writers more with which to work.

03-25-2019 - PHOTO BRIEF: USS Delaware Officers Visit Capitol

The officers of the new USS Delaware (SSN 791) were welcomed to the capitol Thursday (3/21).

03-15-2019 - New License Plate Honors Military Veterans

Veterans who own a motor vehicle have a new option for celebrating their service to the nation.

03-15-2019 - Expect to See Hemp Cropping Up on Delaware Farms

After more than eight decades, hemp may be making a return to The First State.

03-15-2019 - Bill Watch for March 15, 2019

Bills on Guns, Voting, and Manufactured Homes Moving Through the General Assembly.

03-15-2019 - National Popular Vote Bill Heading to the Governor After Clearing the General Assembly

The House of Representatives on Thursday sent the National Popular Vote Bill to Gov. John Carney.

03-08-2019 - General Assembly Helps Veterans' Group Mark its Centennial

American Legion observes 100th anniversary. National commander visits capitol.

03-08-2019 - Defining a Firearm, Delaware's Deer Harvest, & More

Delaware Sportsmen's Caucus holds in March 2019 meeting.

03-08-2019 - Governor, General Assembly Democrats, Seek to Raise the Legal Smoking Age

Bill would raise legal smoking and vaping age from 18 to 21.

03-08-2019 - National Popular Vote Bill Clears Senate

Bill to have Delaware join national popular vote compact heads to House.

01-24-2019 - Move to Renege on Minimum Wage Compromise Called “Shameful Breach of Trust”

House and Senate Democrats back bill to undo youth and training wages.

01-18-2019 - Students Bring Brew & Gold Café to Legislative Hall

Students from the John S. Charlton School visited Legislative Hall earlier this week.

01-18-2019 - House Republican Leaders Have Mixed Feelings Regarding Governor's Vision

Reps. Danny Short & Tim Dukes react to governor's policy proposals.

01-18-2019 - 2019 State of the State Address

Gov. Calls for Gun Control; Raising Cigarette Age; and Targeted Spending on Child Care, Education

01-11-2019 - Amendment Seeks Term Limits for Legislature

A new House bill is seeking to set term limits on state legislators.

01-11-2019 - Sportsmen's Caucus Considers Innovative Solution to Feed the Hungry

The Delaware Sportsmen Against Hunger programis facing a challenge.

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