06-04-2021 - Legislative Hall to Open to Public in Limited Fashion

When the Delaware General Assembly reconvenes for session on Tuesday, members of the public will be welcomed back into Legislative Hall in a limited fashion for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

05-07-2021 - SCR - A Task Force to Improve Registered Voter List Accuracy

This concurrent resolution proposes the formation of the Registered Voter List Improvement Task Force to review current laws and practices associated with compiling and maintaining Delaware's registered voter list and suggesting methods for improving its accuracy.

05-07-2021 - HCR - Review Signature Verification for Absentee Balloting

This concurrent resolution would direct the Department of Elections to review practices used here and in other states for verifying signatures on absentee ballots. Following the evaluation, elections officials would issue a report to the governor and state lawmakers on the potential opportunities for improving Delaware's verification methods.

05-07-2021 - House Bill - Increasing the Penalties for Illegal Voting

This bill seeks to significantly increase the penalties for those found guilty of committing voter fraud. At present, people found guilty of vote illegally voting face a fine of between $50 and $200 and/or a prison sentence of between 30 days and two years. This bill would change the crime from an unclassified offense to a Class G non-violent felony. The revised law would maintain the possibility of up to two years in jail, but it would increase the fine to a minimum of $1,000 for a first offense and a minimum of $2,000 for any subsequent offense. Additionally, anyone found guilty of the offense would lose his or her right to vote for five years following the conviction.

05-07-2021 - House Bill - Reforming Voter Identification Standards

This legislation specifies that citizens wishing to vote at a polling place identify themselves by presenting a valid polling place card or one of 13 different types of photo ID. Any voter who is unable to provide an acceptable form of identification, or whose eligibility to vote cannot otherwise be determined, may cast a provisional ballot without any further action needed on the part of the voter. The ballot will be counted after the Department of Elections matches information provided by the voter against their registration records.

05-07-2021 - Reforming Identification Standards for Absentee Ballot Requests

This bill seeks to harmonize existing law for requesting an absentee ballot. It would require voters to present a form of photo identification to Department of Elections' staff processing the absentee ballot request. If the request is made via mail, a photocopy of an acceptable form of photo ID, as defined in the bill, are required to be included. Forms of acceptable photo identification detailed in the bill not only include those issued by various governments, but also include schools and employers. This requirement would be consistent with voter absentee ballot requests made in-person or online via Delaware's iVote system, which requires a driver's license or state identification to register. In the event the Department of Elections receives an absentee ballot request form lacking valid identification as defined in this Act, the Department shall attempt to contact the voter to confirm his or her identity.

05-07-2021 - House and Senate Republicans Roll Out Election Integrity Package

House and Senate Republicans are introducing a package of legislation intended to improve the integrity and efficiency of Delaware's voting system. The three bills and two concurrent resolutions seek to do the following: • Establish the Registered Voter List Improvement Task Force. • Review best practices to improve the verification of absentee ballot signatures. • Increase penalties for voter fraud. • Reform voter identification standards. • Reform the standards for absentee ballot requests.


12-29-2020 - 151st General Assembly House Committee Assignments

151st General Assembly House Committee Assignments

12-18-2020 - Republican Leaders Take Issue with Plan to Begin Delaware’s State Legislative Session

House and Senate Republican leaders say a plan to virtually open the legislature is badly flawed.

11-11-2020 - Lawsuit Filed Against Governor Reportedly Settled

Federal civil rights lawsuit against governor for restricting worship services reportedly settled.

06-18-2020 - Mailing It In: House of Representatives Passes Contested Voting Bill

House passes bill to allow widespread mail-in voting.

05-28-2020 - COVID-19 Guidance for Charter Boat Fishing

see above

05-19-2020 - Delaware Hotel & Lodging Association Letter to the Governor

The DHLA urges the governor to remove restrictions on short-term lodging.

05-19-2020 - 15 Republicans Pen Letter to Governor Asking for COVID-19 Response Changes

15 Republicans Pen Letter to Governor Asking for COVID-19 Response Changes

05-16-2020 - Letter Signed by More than 170 Clergy Sent to Governor

Letter urges modestly lifting restrictions to allow services in places of worship.

05-14-2020 - Legislative Hall Cupola Lighting Schedule

The Leg Halll cupola will display the school colors of every DE high school to honor Class of 2020.

04-30-2020 - House Republicans Urge a Responsible Restart of Delaware's Ecomony

A letter sent to Gov. John Carney urging state economic restrictions be eased.

04-17-2020 - State Lawmakers Ask Feds for COVID-19 Relief Fund Flexibility

Letter to Delaware's congressional delegation on making federal relief money easier to appropriate.

04-17-2020 - House Republicans Urge Governor to Use Bipartisan Legislative Expertise

House Republican leaders asked the governor to bring legislators into emergency decision process.

04-13-2020 - Delaware Sportsmen's Caucus Urges Governor to Act

Governor urges to take steps to facilitate fishing and shooting sports during State of Emergency.

02-25-2020 - Innovative Proposal Seeks to End Partisan Gerrymandering

Bill would reform flawed system Delaware uses to redraw legislative districts every 10 years.

01-31-2020 - State Spending Plans Proposed

Governor John Carney unveils his FY 2021 recommended state operating and capital budgets.

01-31-2020 - Bill Guards Against Threat Posed by Fake Airbags

A bill intended to protect motorists from unsafe airbags is on its way to the Senate.

01-31-2020 - Bill Seeks to Reinstate, Streamline Delaware's Capital Punishment Statute

Reinstating a streamlined version of DE's capital punishment statute is the goal of a new bill.

01-24-2020 - Bill to Protect Health Care Workers Clears House

HB 144 would expand scope of assault offense to protect more health care workers.

01-24-2020 - Bill Seeks to Increase Number of Primary Care Practitioners in Delaware

Bill Seeks to Increase Number of Primary Care Practitioners in Delaware

01-24-2020 - Republican Leaders React to Governor's Address

Reps. D. Short & Tim Dukes provide their perspective on the 2020 State of the State.


12-13-2019 - Delawareans Among Minority of Americans Barred from Having Wine Shipped to their Homes

DE is one of only 5 states prohibiting residents from having wine shipped directly to their homes.

12-13-2019 - VIDEO Blocked Bills Seek Greater Disclosure from Candidates, Lawmakers

Two proposals seeking to make candidates and lawmakers more responsible for their actions.

12-03-2019 - Disclosure Bills Continue to be Blocked in Legislature

Two bills seeking to make candidates and lawmakers more responsible have a history of being killed.

11-07-2019 - Action Needed by All to Begin Reforms

Opinion column detailing reforms to make the legislature more responsible and transparent.

08-01-2019 - New Law Will Lead to More Delaware Nurses

A new law should bolster the number of nurses practicing in The First State.

08-01-2019 - Stiffer Penalties for Illegal Dumping Enacted

A new measure cracking down on illegal dumpers is now law.

08-01-2019 - New Initiative Will Improve State's Competitiveness

A new law aims to fast-track road improvements to support job-creating projects in Delaware.

08-01-2019 - Lawmakers Exploring Education Funding in Shadow of Lawsuit

As a lawsuit looms, the House Education Committee is exploring how public education is funded in DE.

07-25-2019 - 072519 Nanticoke River Tour Highlights Benefits, Promise, and Challenges

State officials tour the Nanticoke River to highlight it potential and challenges.

06-30-2019 - Department of Health and Social Services to be Reorganized

One of the state's largest agencies could be in line for a makeover.

06-30-2019 - Bills to Curtail Illegal Dumping, Littering Gain Traction

Two bills that moved through the House last week may help reduce illegal dumping and littering.

06-30-2019 - Committing Delaware to the Affordable Care Act

House Democrats double-down on the Affordable Care Act.

06-30-2019 - General Assembly to Continue Working into the Wee Hours

Bill to stop the legislature's flawed practice of working late on session's last night is blocked.

06-24-2019 - VIDEO/NEWS BRIEF Reforming a Law Preventing Job Creation, Economic Development

State law forbids one owner from operating any more than three brew-pubs in Delaware.

06-24-2019 - Dwindling Firefighter Ranks Spark Concern

Delaware relies on volunteer firefighters, but their numbers are falling.

06-24-2019 - New State Operating Budget Clears House, Other "Money Bills" Await Action

The Delaware House of Representatives unanimously approved a $4.451 billion state operating budget.

06-24-2019 - State Revenues Rise, Republican Lawmakers Advocate Saving, Reform

Revenue forecast rise and GOP lawmakers urge reforms before the good times end.

06-24-2019 - $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Delayed but Still in Play

Bill to radically raise the minimum wage is far from dead.

06-14-2019 - OPINION: Under-the-Radar Initiative Could Result in Higher Gasoline Prices

Delaware intends is taking part in a regional cap-and-trade CO2 reduction program aimed at vehicles.

06-14-2019 - NEWS BRIEF Nursing Scholarship to be Expanded Under Pending Law

Law would broaden nursing scholarship eligibility criteria to include non-profits.

06-14-2019 - NEWS BRIEF Bill to Allow School Tax Hikes without Referendums Fails

see title

06-14-2019 - Bill Seeks to Ease Burden on Delaware's Small Businesses

Bill would require state agencies to assess the costs of their regulations on small businesses.

06-14-2019 - NEWS -OPINION DOJ Drops Action in Prison Riot Murder Case

Lawmakers express disappoinment on DOJ decision in Lt. Floyd murder case.

06-09-2019 - NEWS BRIEFS: Plastic Bag Ban and Doubling Fines for Littering

New law bans plastic shopping bags; proposal would double littering fines.

06-09-2019 - Water Bill Released from Committee, but Faces Criticism and an Uncertain Future

Provocative bill seeking to redefine how water projects are selected and financed in Delaware.

06-09-2019 - Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Moves Forward, Somewhat

Bill seeks to make Delaware 11th state in the nation with legalized recreational pot.

06-09-2019 - Bill Mandating Firearm Storage Changes to Become Law

A controversial proposal is expanding the scope of an existing gun storage statute.

05-17-2019 - Bill Seeks to Protect Public, Hold the Worst Offenders Accountable

Bipartisan bill seeks to reinstate capital punishment in Delaware.

05-17-2019 - Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Back for a Return Engagement

New bill seeks to legalize recreational marijuana in Delaware.

05-17-2019 - Plastic Bag Ban Passes House

Bill passes State House to largely ban disposable plastic shopping bags.

05-17-2019 - Bill to Increase Transparency of Transportation Spending Clears Hurdle

Good government bill passes State House on unanimous vote.

05-02-2019 - Amendment Seeks to Safeguard the Rights of Parents

Affirming the rights of Delaware parents is the goal of a newly proposed constitutional amendment.

04-19-2019 - Republican Lawmakers Propose, Support “Good Government” Package

Bills aimed at improving the transparency, efficiency, and accountability of state government.

04-15-2019 - Three Controversial Gun Bills Introduced

Three new gun control measures were recently introduced that are sure to spark controversy.

04-12-2019 - Bill Watch for April 12 2019

Briefs on noteworthy legislation moving through the General Assembly.

04-12-2019 - Minimum Age to Buy Cigarettes, Vaping Products Soon to be 21

New law will raise Delaware's legal age for purchasing tobacco and vaping products.

03-29-2019 - Bill Mandating Firearm Storage Heads to Senate

The House of Representatives has sent a controversial gun bill to the Senate.

03-29-2019 - Governor's Signature Makes Delaware Part National Popular Vote Compact

Delaware is now part of the National Popular Vote Compact.

03-29-2019 - BILL WATCH - Bill Seeks to Punish Motorists Illegally Passing School Buses

Noteworthy bills moving through the General Assembly.

03-25-2019 - PHOTO BRIEF: USS Delaware Officers Visit Capitol

The officers of the new USS Delaware (SSN 791) were welcomed to the capitol Thursday (3/21).

03-25-2019 - NEWS BRIEF: State Revenue Estimates Continue to Trend Up

The state's latest revenue estimates give budget writers more with which to work.

03-25-2019 - BILL WATCH for March 25, 2019

"Gun storage bill" on the House Agenda for Tuesday, March 26th.

03-15-2019 - New License Plate Honors Military Veterans

Veterans who own a motor vehicle have a new option for celebrating their service to the nation.

03-15-2019 - Expect to See Hemp Cropping Up on Delaware Farms

After more than eight decades, hemp may be making a return to The First State.

03-15-2019 - Bill Watch for March 15, 2019

Bills on Guns, Voting, and Manufactured Homes Moving Through the General Assembly.

03-15-2019 - National Popular Vote Bill Heading to the Governor After Clearing the General Assembly

The House of Representatives on Thursday sent the National Popular Vote Bill to Gov. John Carney.

03-08-2019 - General Assembly Helps Veterans' Group Mark its Centennial

American Legion observes 100th anniversary. National commander visits capitol.

03-08-2019 - Defining a Firearm, Delaware's Deer Harvest, & More

Delaware Sportsmen's Caucus holds in March 2019 meeting.

03-08-2019 - Governor, General Assembly Democrats, Seek to Raise the Legal Smoking Age

Bill would raise legal smoking and vaping age from 18 to 21.

03-08-2019 - National Popular Vote Bill Clears Senate

Bill to have Delaware join national popular vote compact heads to House.

01-24-2019 - Move to Renege on Minimum Wage Compromise Called “Shameful Breach of Trust”

House and Senate Democrats back bill to undo youth and training wages.

01-18-2019 - 2019 State of the State Address

Gov. Calls for Gun Control; Raising Cigarette Age; and Targeted Spending on Child Care, Education

01-18-2019 - House Republican Leaders Have Mixed Feelings Regarding Governor's Vision

Reps. Danny Short & Tim Dukes react to governor's policy proposals.

01-18-2019 - Students Bring Brew & Gold Café to Legislative Hall

Students from the John S. Charlton School visited Legislative Hall earlier this week.

01-11-2019 - Sportsmen's Caucus Considers Innovative Solution to Feed the Hungry

The Delaware Sportsmen Against Hunger programis facing a challenge.

01-11-2019 - Amendment Seeks Term Limits for Legislature

A new House bill is seeking to set term limits on state legislators.

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