About Lyndon Yearick

State Rep. Lyndon Yearick brings a diverse skill set and extensive knowledge to his duties in the General Assembly.
He has 20 years of business experience in industries ranging from housing and banking to healthcare and education.  Additionally, he holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Penn State University and is a former small business owner.
He has also worked as a public school educator, mentoring local elementary school students, and serving on advisory committees for both the Caesar Rodney and Polytech school districts.
Raised on a dairy farm in upstate Pennsylvania, Rep. Yearick is one of the few Delaware legislators who have first-hand agricultural experience, giving him unique insights into the challenges faced by the farming community.  He successfully authored legislation creating Delaware Produce Week.  Entering its third year, the annual observation has worked to link Delaware farmers with local consumers.
In his first term in office (2014-2016), Rep. Yearick was selected to attend the prestigious Robert J. Thompson Eastern Leadership Academy – a program to help promising officials to become better policymakers.
Rep. Yearick has been an outspoken advocate of vulnerable Delawareans, while also touting initiatives for a more efficient and responsive government. 
In November 2016, Rep. Yearick won re-election and it now serving his second term representing the people of the 34th Representative District.
(Updated March 2017)